Waste Management and Environment-Integrating Management

Project deliverable: Best Practice Municipal Waste Management
Commissioned by the Federal Environmental Agency, INTECUS generated an information pool that addresses actors with a genuine interest to pursue the development of sustainable waste management infrastructures and adopt environmental policy objectives similar to those known from the European Union. The electronic tool is freely available and provides a consolidated and systematic overview of waste management technologies and equipment which are in practical application in Germany and considered proven means to attain an effective waste management. Technical data and supporting details are merged with information on the making up of waste management systems based on the proposed technologies, and with links to their German providers and operators.

Project deliverable: Waste Management Country Profiles
INTECUS was commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Environment to revise, update respectively to create country-specific waste management datasheets for the Czech Republic, Marocco, Poland, Romania, the Russian Federation, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates. These datasheets are now online and can be used for information.

PAYT - Pay As You Throw
From February 2001 to November 2002 INTECUS was part of the research team of the PAYT-project. PAYT is the abbreviation of Pay-As-You-Throw. The approach of Pay-As-You-Throw in waste management is to realise the polluter pays principle in a fair manner by charging people in accordance to the amount of waste which they actually generate. Done in conjunction with the waste collection it means that the generators of the waste pay for the provided service an amount which is directly related to the amount of residual solid waste disposed by them. In contrast to conventional waste fee systems, households covered by a PAYT system wont get charged a flat rate for waste collection nor shall their calculated waste charges be based on the number of household members, living space or other supplied utilities such as water and electricity.

AGRAPA - Pilot tests for the separate collection of recovered graphic paper and packaging from paper and cardboard
From 1995 to 2000 INTECUS was charged with pilot tests for the separate collection of recovered graphic paper and packaging from paper and cardboard. If you would like to learn more about the results of these pilot tests, please click on the link below.

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