Менеджмент отходов и экологический интегративный менеджмент

Wagner, J.; Kügler, Th.; Müller, R.; Jepsen, D. u. A. Vollmer
Measures to Avoid Food Waste
LFULG-Publication series, No. 29/2016

Country study on the situation of waste Management in Croatia
UFOPLAN 2014, FKZ 3714 31 336 0, Dresden/Dessau, ed. Umweltbundesamt

Vis M., U. Mantau, B. Allen (Eds.)
Study on the optimised cascading use of wood
No 394/PP/ENT/RCH/14/7689. Final report. Brussels 2016. 337 pages

M. Günther, C. v. Bechtolsheim, F. Wenzel
System approach "bag in bin" - European experience and application potential in Germany
in: Muell & Abfall, 06/2016, pages 302-310

J. Reichenbach
Charging on the continent
Column on the implementation of pay-as-you-throw in the city of Dresden. In ‘resource magazine‘ spring 2016, issue 84, p.30-32, Resource Media, Bristol, UK

Guidance for decision-making on sewage sludge management - Recommended proceedings for Waste Water Treatment Plant Operators
Publisher: German Environmental Agency

Technical Guide on the treatment and recycling techniques for sludge from municipal waste water treatment
Publisher: German Environmental Agency

J. Wagner, M. Günther
Success Potential for the Collection and Utilization of Bulky Waste
Presentation on the 14th Symposium on "Collection, Utilization and Disposal of Bulky Waste" on May 10th, 2016 in Jena

J. Wagner, H. Friege, M. Séché
Evaluation of the commercial collection practice in view of recycling requirements and competitiveness
UBA-Texte 31/2016, ed.: Umweltbundesamt

J. Wagner, U. Lange, M. Günther
Analysis of the data collection procedures in the frame of the German WEEE Ordinance (ElektroG) and Statistics Law (UStatG) for the reference year 2013 in preparation to the reporting requirements to the EU in 2016
UBA-Texte 24/2016, ed.: Umweltbundesamt

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